About Me

From my earliest memory, my life was never what most would consider “normal,” and I’m not always great at taking things in stride, but I have a good sense of humor to help me along the way.

Here’s a little about me:

*I am married to an accountant who keeps my head on my shoulders and my wallet in my purse (or so he tries). He breaks some of the stereotypes about accountants since he’s got a great sense of humor and doesn’t have any elbow patches on his suit coats. Other than that, he pretty much fits the bill.

*I, obviously, have three little girls. Well, they’re not so little anymore. They are my muse, my soul, and my promise that no matter how awful and painful life can be, there are ALWAYS reasons to pick myself up, dust off my boots, and move forward in my journey.

*I am the semi-proud owner of two obnoxious dogs. You’ll find one attacking the window as some sweet little old lady is walking her pug-chi, while the other one is popping a squat in my husband’s office since — so help me Jesus — he just can’t seem to remember to shut the damn door.

*I grew up smack dab in the middle of six kids. I had to do something to make them remember my name so I earned the title of “the Funny One” from early on. Fun fact: my family laughs the hardest at my jokes.

*I am a student at a local community college, studying to become a Court Reporter. I’m fairly certain stories from the biz will make it on this site — if I ever finish school, that is.

*I spend any free time (which isn’t much) cooking, crocheting, watching sitcoms, playing Hello Kitty Bingo, surfing Facebook, and attempting to turn my life experiences into funny stories to share with you.

*I am a southern girl living in the Pacific Northwest. I miss my family but absolutely love living in Washington! Mountains? Check. Ocean? Check. Trees? Check. Yep…pretty amazing. #mountrainier #pugetsound #olympicnationalforest

*Oh, I also love #hashtags.

*I hate, hate, hate, hate seafood. All kinds. If it lives in the water, it doesn’t go in my mouth. And, no, I don’t want to try your mom’s salmon everyone is raving about. I won’t like it. Sorry. Why eat something that tastes like chicken when you can just eat chicken?! Weirdo.

*I love all things science fiction and grew up collecting figurines of Godzilla, King Kong, Mothra, and other monsters you’ve never heard of. Oh, and it probably goes without mentioning, I wasn’t a very popular child.

*I’m a writer that needs encouragement. Seriously. I kinda depend on your feedback to stay inspired so, if you have something nice to say, please leave it in the comments! And if it’s not nice, then go back under the bridge where trolls belong.