About Me

From my earliest memory, my life was never what most would consider “normal,” and I’m not always great at taking things in stride, but¬†I have a good sense of humor to help me along the way. ūüėČ

Here’s a little about me:

* I have three little girls, a dog, and a husband.

*I grew up smack dab in the middle of six kids. I had to do something to make them remember my name so I earned the title of “the funny one” from early on.¬†Fact: my family laughs the hardest at my jokes.

* I spend any free time (which¬†isn’t much¬†cooking, crocheting, watching sitcoms, playing¬†Hello Kitty Bingo, surfing¬†Facebook, and attempting to turn my life experiences into funny stories to share with you.

* I am a southern girl living in the Pacific Northwest.

* I hate seafood. All kinds. If it lives in the water, it doesn’t¬†go in my mouth. And, no, I¬†don’t want to try your mom’s salmon¬†everyone raves about. I won’t like it. Sorry.¬†Why eat something¬†that¬†tastes like chicken when you can just eat chicken?! Weirdo.

* I love all things science fiction¬†and¬†grew up collecting¬†figurines of Godzilla, King Kong,¬†Mothra, and other monsters¬†you’ve never¬†heard of. Oh, and it probably goes without mentioning, I¬†wasn’t a very popular child.

* I’m¬†a writer that needs encouragement. Seriously. I kinda depend on your feedback to stay inspired so, if you have something nice¬†to say, please leave it in the comments! And if it’s not nice, then go back under the bridge, you troll.